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4 Water Resources Management

Fatimata Kane

  1. Introduction

Observe this image:

  • What do you see in the image below?
  • Why is there so much life in this picture?
  • What is the role that the water is playing here?
  • What are ways in which this water can be preserved?
  • What are the dangers involved if this water is not preserved?

Stamp River Provincial Park

How did it get here? The Global Water Cycle

Grades 5 -7


Key words: precipitation-condensation-evaporation-transpiration-infiltration-run-off

  1. Observe the image below
  2. Identify each process occurring below
  3. Define each process occurring in this image.
  4. Draw the same image and provide the names of living things and non-living things in this picture (i.e trees, sun ect…)

Water cycle


Grades 7-9


Key Words: Condensation- Clouds- Runoff- Evaporation- Transpiration-Percolation-Sea-Stream-lake-Groundwater-River-Precipitation-Sun

  1. Observe the image below and define each process occurring in this image.
  2. Identify the various ecosystems in the picture below
  3. How many ecosystems have you identified?
  4. Provide the definition for each ecosystem in the image below

(you may use a dictionary)

  1. Relate each process (in the WC) and explain how it supplies each ecosystem with water

N.B. This work may be done in groups.


Waterway Cycle poster






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